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OCJAAF initiated the scholarship program so that our youth will be encouraged to perform well on the football field and more importantly to perform well in the classroom. By the organization investing more people, time, and money toward the student side of our student-athlete, we will be helping our young people to be better prepared as they enter high school, college, and ultimately the workforce.

While in our youth football program our greatest importance is to challenge the youth to make them well-rounded and assets to society. We must take the challenge to encourage our youth to keep their grades up, maintain high classroom attendance, and to get involved in school and community activities. They will carry this foundation throughout their lives.

In OCJAAF there is the commitment to encourage scholastic excellence. The leadership of the OCJAAF staff and the executive council is encouraging everyone to put their support behind this noble cause.

Lora L. Gonzalez

This TRIBUTE PAGE will remain on this Web Page as a recognition of the man responsible for bringing OCJAAF Scholarships and Scholastic Recognition into OCJAAF. His is a legacy to be remembered for all time. 

Mr. Bill Alford served as the first Scholarship Director in OCJAAF during the period of twelve (12) years; 2003-2014. Upon his retirement from OCJAAF he and his wife, Joanna moved up north to be closer to family and grandchildren. 

Everything about the OCJAAF Scholarship & Scholastic Program was written and designed by Bill. He spent hundreds of hours reviewing the scholarship recipient paperwork and learning so much about each of these students far beyond the classroom. Because it was important to Bill that we recognize not only the academic side of the Scholarship recipient but that which made them outstanding individuals in their communities and in service to others. 

Shortly after Bill's OCJAAF retirement in 2015, Bill suffered a stroke last July. We were heartbroken to hear this news and we immediately requested a call for prayer for Bill's long road to recovery. He is slowly making steady progress day by day, with the love and support of his family and our continued prayers in his journey. 

Words cannot express our most sincere appreciation for the work Bill did to create and maintain our Scholarship & Scholastic Program these past twelve years. It as truly an honor to work with Bill and his wife, Joanna, and watch the Scholarship Program grow with each New Year. 

Today, although I cannot be as worthy as my predecessor, I sit as the Scholarship Director for this New Year dedicated to preserving that which Bill worked to create and maintain as a strong and necessary scholarship and scholastic recognition program in OCJAAF. Through his legacy in OCJAAF we shall uphold his ideals and dedication to the young men and women of OCJAAF as they venture into their life and seek education and opportunity for their future. 

We invite our OCJAAF family to send Bill and his family your prayers and well wishes as he continues on the road to recovery. There are some good days and some bad days and nothing can lift the spirit more than knowing you have the love and support of your family and loved ones. Bill Alford is our family and although we cannot be there by his side, we want to let him know that we care, we send him our prayers for a healthy recovery and we are there for him in spirit to encourage and give him hope. If you might be so inclined to send Bill and his family a little note from you and your family it is greatly appreciated...Please send your e-mail messages to...BILL ALFORD, thank you!

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